Agribon row covers are made of spun polypropylene and are available in weights of .45 oz. per square yard to 2.0 oz. per square yard. The covers are light enough to lay directly on most plants or vegetables, and it provides excellent protection against insects. 

For more than 20 years Agribon® has been the best ally of the farmer in the defense of low temperature crops and plague attack. Using Agribon® also helps to increase quality and production while, at the same time, moving forward the harvest date. Agribon® is a non-woven fabric cover, ultra-light and resistant to exposure to the environment; it allows light, water and air to pass through and is reusable. Agribon® is useful for various crops such as melon, tomato, green pepper, hot peppers, watermelon, pumpkin, strawberries and flowers, among others. It is also useful for the protection of banana tree fruits and banana. Agribon® is made in the USA.