• Approximately 8 mil
  • 88 % Light Transmission
  • 55% Diffused Light
  • 84 lb. per inch Break Strength
  • Blocks Light that Attracts Aphids
  • Blocks Light Attracting Certain Fungal Diseases
  • UVB for cannabis growth
  • Contains Anti-drip (AF) 
  • Infrared (IR) additives in the film 

Solarig Roof 182, the premier greenhouse covering for all types of cultivation, is made from high quality, woven polyethylene. Solarig 182 is known for its extra strength that makes it hail and tear resistant and comes with a 6-year warranty. This film is made with a combination of additives that assures it blocks out the harmful UV light. The absence of UV light reduces the spread of fungal disease such as botrytis. The lack of UV light also deters insects such as aphids from entering the greenhouse. This is a premium cover for cannabis growers, where cultivation is in accordance with state laws.

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Solarig 182 Woven Plastic Greenhouse Cover/Film

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