• Tear resistant, durable coated woven polyethylene cloth.
  • Anti-insect netting available on request.
  • Made with IR additives to reduce nocturnal foliar temperatures.
  • Anti-Drip additive is available upon request.
  • UVB for cannabis growth
  • Approximately 7 mil
  • 88% Light Transmission, 45% Diffused
  • The extremely strong breakpoint of 265 lbs. per square ft.
  • 4-year warranty when used in a single layer system

Solarig Classic 156 is a tear resistant and long lasting coated, woven polyethylene film for general greenhouse use. This is a premium cover for cannabis growers, where cultivation is in accordance with state laws.

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Solarig Classic 156 Woven Plastic Greenhouse Cover/Film

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