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Our White Poly Gator Grip Repair Tape  is the perfect solution for reinforcing and repairing polyethylene fabrics. The 4" wide roll is 50' long, made of 12 mil reinforced polyethylene and coated with a super-strong acrylic adhesive that resists acids, moisture, oil, chemicals, abrasions, and UV rays. Ideal for projects like tarps, covers, tents, awnings, hay covers, baseball infield covers, and shelters. Typically ships out in 1-3 business days.

Gator Grip Poly Tarp Tape:

Roll Width:  4 Inches
Roll Length:  50 Feet
Thickness:  12 Mils
Material:  Polyethylene 
Color:  White

For best results: 
Clean surface with acetone or 90% isopropyl alcohol
Remove frayed edges from tarp
Apply pressure and rub tape for best adhesion
Double areas for increased strength
Apply heat or set in sunlight