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Nylon fabric with a silicone coating Mil thickness: 12 mil Fabric weight: 6.0 oz Denier: 420 Tensile Strength: Warp 423 lbs., Fill 423 lbs Tear Strength: Warp 258 lbs., Fill 258 lbs Impermeable coated fabric Rust-proof grommets in all corners plus spaced 24" apart along perimeter Mullen Burst Strength: +500 PSI Black 2" reinforced webbing Colors may vary upon availability; some appear as blue, pink, off-white, etc. Fabricated in the USA Custom shapes and sizes are available upon request Silicone-coated airbag tarps are typically used to contain waste and debris that could damage the environment and surrounding areas. The tarps are used for 100% containment of industrial painting, spraying, sandblasting, lead abatement, and other construction applications. The silicone-coated tarps are lightweight, flexible, durable, and tear-resistant. These tarps feature 420-denier nylon airbag material that is silicone-coated and impermeable. Airbag tarps include reinforced webbing and rust-proof grommets every 2 feet. Applications include storage tank containment, abrasive blasting, industrial paint overspray, marine ship repair, water tower containment, fireproofing overspray, abatement enclosures, and construction dust and debris. Airbag tarps include reverse overlaps on the outer edges for secure containment. Reverse overlaps can be described as "male and female” edges, which allow to securely join two tarp panels together, creating a seal for the containment or enclosure. Availability: This item leaves our warehouse within 10–14 business days