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Use these tarp sandbags for a quick and easy way to keep your athletic field tarps in place. Each bag is made from UV-treated polypropylene and is 14″ x 26″.
  • Heavy Duty Sandbags Multipurpose White Sandbags are made of premium polypropylene. Double sewn in the bottom for extra strength. These polypropylene sandbags make sure to hold the sand or the soil ideally in place. These empty white sandbags can hold 50 lbs of sand when 2/3rds full (ideal).
  • Multipurpose - These empty sandbags are used in many ways. Primarily for flood protection and construction projects. It is designed to be water-resistant and dust-resistant. Sandbags for flooding are designed with ties to secure the bags properly.
  • UV Resistant - These small sandbags will most likely be out in the sun for days and hours. Our bags of sand are designed to have up to 1600 hours of UV protection against the sun.
  • Affordable Hurricane Solution - If you’re looking to save money, hurricane sandbags are inexpensive and reusable. Use the flood bags for temporary barricades for construction projects. The earthbag bags is also lightweight and compact for easy storage.
  • Flood Control - These empty sandbags for hurricanes and flooding are good for barricades and preventing water from entering your area.