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Heavy Duty Tarps

Welcome to Tarps America, your one-stop shop for all things tarp-related! When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment, supplies, or structures from the elements, a heavy-duty tarp is an essential investment. But what exactly sets a heavy-duty tarp apart from the rest?

At Tarps America, we understand that not all tarps are created equal. A true heavy-duty tarp goes beyond just keeping things covered – it's built to withstand the toughest conditions, from harsh weather to heavy use.

What Makes a Tarp Heavy-Duty?

Look for durable materials like vinyl, polyethylene, or canvas, known for
their strength, tear resistance, and varying degrees of weatherproofing

Polyethylene tarps are typically classified by their
thickness in mils, with thicker tarps offering greater durability. A good
starting point for a heavy-duty poly tarp is 12 mils or thicker.

Vinyl tarps are often classified by their weight per square
yard (oz/sq yd). The heavier the vinyl, the denser and stronger it is.
Look for weights starting at 18 oz/sq yd for heavy-duty applications.

Reinforced hems, corners, and rust-resistant grommets ensure that your
tarp can withstand heavy winds and frequent use.

Some heavy-duty tarps offer extra protection against UV
rays, fire, or mildew, depending on your specific needs.

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