Need a replacement cover for your hoop storage building? Ask us about our custom replacements

One of the most cost-effective and adaptable storage spaces is a tarp-covered hoop building. These buildings can be a storage solution for contractors, business owner, farmers and even consumers. If the hoop building is large enough, it can be used to store just about anything from construction and farm equipment and vehicles to building materials. With a hoop building, you could look forward to years of protection from the sun, snow or rain. However, the very things that a hoop building protects your items from are the very things that can cause the cover to deteriorate. As with anything, the covering of a hoop building needs proper maintenance. However, the bad news is that over time, no matter how durable the cover, or how well it is maintained, it will start to show age and become less effective. But the good news is that replacement covers are a call away.

Tarps America can manufacture and install a custom cover for your hoop building. Since these storage buildings come in many shapes and sizes, we will customize your cover and end panels to your specifications. These covers can be installed on frames no matter what they’re affixed to; asphalt, grass, concrete or dirt, none of this will be a problem to fit your replacement cover.


Hoop Replacement Tarp

We manufacture our replacement covers from a woven and coated polyethylene material. When done, the seams are heat-sealed to make it waterproof. When installed and tension is applied, this covering tarp has a secure fit that doesn’t give. Our tarps are made of heavy-duty materials with many color options.

Your replacement cover comes with a rachet tension system that is used to secure the tarp to the frame. The cover has openings running all along the sides that is heat-sealed so that when the steel frame is inserted, it will be waterproof. The rachet system keeps the cover in place through just about anything nature can throw at it. 

Some things you need to do before ordering your replacement cover:

  1. Fully inspect the frame for any damage. Our covers are inspected for any defects before shipping, so if there is a defect in the frame that will damage the cover, the warranty will be voided. The reliability of the frame must also be assessed so that you are sure that it can tolerate any weather that comes your way.
  2. Accurate measurements must be taken all around your structure in order to assure a snug fit. The measurements needed are:
  3. The overall distance of the arch from the bottom of the frame on one side to the bottom of the frame on the other side
  4. The overall length of the building
  5. The width at the ground level
  6. The height to the top from the center of the arch
  7. The spacing of the frame poles from the center of each pole
  8. The diameter of each pole
  9. If a closing door is needed, you must measure the height of the door end for the zipper
  10. Again, if a door is needed, the width of the door end must be taken

Since many of our customers want storage structures that are totally enclosed, we manufacture end panels that are customized to your needs. These end panels can have a zipper closure on one side for easy entry and a solid panel on the other. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll be able to help you with a solution and a brand that fits best for you.

Once you complete the inspection of the frame and have the measurements down, contact us with the information as well as a shipping address and we will get all materials to you safely and expeditiously.

All our replacement covers are manufactured in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials. Give Tarps America a call and let us help you with your replacement cover and all of your other tarp needs.