Baseball Home Plate Cover


Baseball Field Covers

Home Plate Covers are custom and made to order out of our extremely durable polyethylene material. This cover protects the home plate and batter’s box areas from the rain.  This product can be quickly placed on home plate in the event of rain. This tarp is made to allow for easy handling with minimal staff. 

For complete satisfaction, please order these custom items to ensure an exact fit.


Thickness: 12 mil

Fabric: Woven Reinforced Polyethylene

Fabric Weight: 6.0 oz.

Denier: 1450 Warp – 1800 Weft

Reinforcement: Polyethylene Woven

Tensile Grab Strength: 208 lbs. Warp – 195 lbs. Weft

Tongue Tear Strength: 84 lbs. Warp – 82 lbs. Weft

Mullen Burst: 300 PSI

Finish: Matte

Colors: White/Silver

Warranty: 1 year

Our covers include: reinforced webbing on the perimeter with rust-resistant grommets every 24".


TarpsAmerica also offers Skin Tarps, Mound Covers and Base Path Tarps for all-around infield coverage.

Please contact TarpsAmerica to order these custom items.