Agribon AG-30 row covers are made of .9oz. per square yard medium weight spun bonded polypropylene fabric with 70% light transmission and 4-6° frost protection. The covers are light enough to lay directly on most plants or vegetables, and it provides excellent protection against insects. 

    • Provides up to 4° - 6°+ F frost protection against sensitive ornamentals
    • Allows overwintering protection to foliage and wood ornamentals in moderate climates
    • Ideal for nursery stock foliage, vegetables, berries, and bedding plants in the Spring
    • Strong, glued seams supported by the latest hot-melt technology
    • 70% light transmission
    • Made in the USA

      Our row covers come in a variety of sizes. Select the cover that will best fit your needs, or contact us to customize your order.

      Agribon AG-30 Frost Protection Floating Row Covers

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